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Satin is Rob Walters' company. Once well-known for its activities in the telecoms world it has now refocused, concentrating on the house in rural Spain, Rob's general writing plus providing tours of and talks on the city of Oxford and the Cotswolds

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If you want to rent a house in rural Spain then come to La Fresneda a beautiful Spanish village set amongst the olive plantations of sunny Spain well away from the Costa del Sol and McDonalds. The village has a great community with three fiestas each year and is in excellent walking and cycling country. The house has grand mountain views and is South and inland of Barcelona. Nearest airport is Reus.

If you want to be shown the delights of Oxford by a qualified tour guide then Rob Walters is your man. He lives in the centre and  organises tours of the Oxford Colleges and Oxford University. The tours can be focused on the famous graduates of Oxford from Richard Burton to Bill Clinton and including Howard Marks, Graham Greene, William Morris, J R R Tolkien, C S Lewis, Phillip Pullman, Gladstone, Margaret Thatcher, John Fowles, John Betjman to name just a few. Alternatively you can take a walking tour along the River Thames through Oxford's Castle, or you can join Rob on a pub tour or ghost tour of Oxford. This is the city of Inspector Morse and Alice in Wonderland, often called the city of dreaming spires.

If you wish to visit the delightful rolling hills and pretty villages of the Cotswolds in combination with an Oxford tour or separately then Rob Walters is your man. He is a Gloucestershire man and lives part of his life in Stow-on-the-Wold - his tours often focus on that town and its neighbours in the Cotswolds such as Bourton-on-the-Water, The Slaughters, Northleach, etc. His patch is the North Cotswolds including the gateway towns of Burford, Cheltenham, Woodstock and Broadway. He can also conduct you to the location of the last battle of the English Civil War and tell you all about it.
Rob Walters is a writer. All of his books are available from his bookshop.

Here are some titles:


Just Crossing

Lost Youth

Shaken by China

Turkey Trove

3D Futures

Political Chemistry: Margaret Thatcher and Dorothy Hodgkin


China: Don’t go there until....

Spread Spectrum: Hedy Lamarr and the mobile phone

Being Down, Looking Up

Rogue Males: Richard Burton, Howard Marks and Sir Richard Burton

Naughty Boys: Ten Rogues of Oxford


China: Don’t go there until....

Being Down, Looking Up

Valjunquera has gone

Turkey Trove

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