Curriculum Vitae (More Technical)


Current And Previous Positions

Rob is Managing Director of Satin Information Services Ltd - originally a technology company that he formed in 1989. However, he has now entered a new phase of life as a guide and author. He is a member of the Guild of Guides in Oxford and introduces people to the beautiful city that he now calls home. In the past he has written a number of technical books but now writes in many genres from novels to travel books. His latest publications are: Spread Spectrum: Hedy Lamarr and the mobile phone and Haunted OxfordSee Current Writing for other writing projects together with samples.

Rob's company previously focused on consultancy, education and publication in the telecommunication and IT worlds. Prior to founding Satin Rob worked for BT in various positions in the local and trunk networks, in research, development and product management. He is a practiced presenter, a well-published writer, an experienced manager and consultant.

General Experience

Rob amassed extensive experience in the telecommunications and information technology world before beginning his new life. During that phase he assembled an in-depth understanding of communications problems and their solutions.

Experience in the communication industry includes:

During the 1980s his expertise was applied to voice systems and the challenge of integrating telecommunication and computing applications. Achievements here include the supply of integrated office automation solutions to a number of customer groups in various countries and the early supply of voice messaging solutions. This specialism has developed to embrace the entire world of convergence, embracing mobile, the Internet/Intranet and IP Multimedia.

Rob is the author of a large number of books and other publications in the telecommunications and information technology field including the reference book Voice Information Systems and the seminal work entitled Computer Telephony Integration. Other books include Computer Mediated Communications: Multimedia Applications and CTI in Action. Rob's books have been published by Blackwell, Artech House and Wiley.

He launched the Voice In Europe newsletter in 1990 and became editor of the CTI Informer in 1997. In 1992 Rob founded ACTIUS, the organisation for users and suppliers of computer telephony integration, which merged into the Direct Marketing Association in 2001.

As a consultant his work centred on telecommunications, particularly the bringing together of computers and telephony to enhance business applications. In this role he has consulted for many companies.

Rob is a skilled and interactive presenter, having spent roughly one third of his time in direct contact with audiences of many levels and many nations during the 1990s. He has prepared and delivered courses for a number of well-known training companies around the world, covering telecommunications, data communications, mobile communications, call centre, computer telephony integration and other related topics. His courses have been targeted at a range of audiences from technical to non-technical, sales personnel to engineers. He also has extensive experience of the organisation, chairmanship and presentation of international conferences on communication and related topics.

Rob has a Master of Science degree in telecommunication systems obtained from Essex University in 1969.

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